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This log is NOT organized at all and hence not a Log. wc.

switching virtual consoles

console-tools is great helper. check command:

chvt n

on PWS use

cru chvt n

Fbvnc lives on 2, original console login prompt is on (ooh!) 1, Qtopia ?

still, some key combo would be more kewl. i guess this is related to the ctrl key problem above.

first things first

First i discovered that i have to get rid of the Qtopia default Rom. I decided to go for OpenZaurus with GPE?. then i went back and forth a couple of times and now it seems i m set with OZ 3.5.4-RC using all 64Mb of RAM.


made scripts for different nets.

ifconfig wlan0 hw ether 00:04:... # for mac adr based access lists
iwconfig wlan0 essid soandso enc 1234
udhcpc -i wlan0


installed links-ssl and dillo. lets see.


usb networking works fine and out of the box once you figured it. put zaurus in the cradle. with sharp or cacko rom you just need to issue

# ifconfig usb0

on your PC / laptop. the zaurus per default uses .201.

with OZ you need to configure device usbd0 first on the zaurus with an address of choice and then do the same as above.


i think for any moderately advanced linux user this is the way to go. i just installed it on a 1GB SD-Card, running on OZ. and looks very promising and it works. alternatives would be familiar but i m not sure wether it makes sense on collie, and that QTpocketworkstation thing. find it linked in

with PWS you dont need to care much about the Rom System, you just do it all within the chroot.

Starting PWS

when running qtopia: System settings -> shutdown -> terminate qtopia wait til it exits. press '/' during countdown, press 'a', login as root.

InstallingPocketWorkStation is a quick run of instructions to get you going.

ctrl key

in the end it was easy: datebook button = Ctrl (the leftmost little circular button, just above cancel). funnily, google gives me differing results wether i use firefox or dillo.

it works well with the virtual keyboard in PWS.

it works on the Cacko/Crow Rom with Fn as Ctrl

setting backlight from command


building custom kernel

preemptive patch, pressure patch, optimized, ...

ebook / pdfreader

  • xpdf under PWS
  • fbreader , no pdf though.
  • qpdf?

PIM Kacke

Various PIM Options:

  • jpilot
  • gpe stuff
  • opie stuff
  • calcurse: curses based console calendar
  • gnome-pim
  • mozilla sunbird but its overblown
  • zigzag: runs of course with perl
  • gzizag: runs, forgot with which java engine out of debian
  • fenfire: untested

See also: Linux, Quick Calendar Survey

Cross Compilation

* - binary way (i386, powerpc)

Desired / Problem Zones

  • zigzag
  • gzigzag / fenfire
  • password safe
  • supercollider/scum
  • pd
  • gps
  • ruby/python/perl + gtk
  • teleport
  • multisync
  • dictionary
  • wlan scanning? kismet, wellenreiter
  • stundenplan viewer
  • mp3 player
  • mplayer / videos
  • linux-vtswitch
  • pressure patch, see above
  • - Theremidi

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