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TWiki.Xdv Web Preferences

The following settings are web preferences of the TWiki.Xdv web. These preferences overwrite the site-level preferences in TWikiPreferences, and can be overwritten by user preferences (your personal topic, i.e. TWikiGuest in the TWiki.Main web)


* List of topics of the TWiki.Xdv web: * Set WEBTOPICLIST = Users | Groups | Offices | Changes | Index | Search | Go

* Web specific background color: (Pick a lighter one of the StandardColors) * Set WEBBGCOLOR = #dddddd * Set WEBCOPYRIGHT = (c) 2008 * Set WEBHEADERART = * Set WEBHEADERBGCOLOR = #eeeded

* List this web in the SiteMap: * If yes, Set SITEMAPLIST = on, and add the "what" and "use to..." description for the site map. Make sure to list only links that include the name of the web, e.g. Xdv.Topic links. * Set SITEMAPLIST = on * Set SITEMAPWHAT = Welcome to TWiki... Users, Groups, Offices - tour this expandable virtual workspace. * Set SITEMAPUSETO = ...get a first-hand feel for TWiki possibilities.

* Exclude web from a web="all" search: (Set to on for hidden webs) * Set NOSEARCHALL =

* Default template for new topics and form(s) for this web: * WebTopicEditTemplate: Default template for new topics in this web. (Site-level is used if topic does not exist) * TWiki.WebTopicEditTemplate: Site-level default template * TWikiForms: How to enable form(s) * Set WEBFORMS = TestForm

* Image, URL and alternate tooltip text of TWiki logo: (can be overwritten by web preferences) * Set WEBLOGONAME = xdvg.png * Set WEBLOGOIMG = /twiki/pub/Xdv/WebPreferences/%WEBLOGONAME% * Set WEBLOGOURL = * Set WEBLOGOALT = Xdv TWiki

* Skin overriding the default TWiki templates: (can be overwritten by WebPreferences and user preferences) * Set SKIN = xdv,pattern

* Users or groups who are not / are allowed to view / change / rename topics in the Xdv web: (See TWikiAccessControl) * Set DENYWEBVIEW = * Set ALLOWWEBVIEW = * Set DENYWEBCHANGE = * Set ALLOWWEBCHANGE = * Set DENYWEBRENAME = * Set ALLOWWEBRENAME =

* Users or groups allowed to change or rename this WebPreferences topic: (I.e. TWikiAdminGroup) * Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = * Set ALLOWTOPICRENAME =


* Background color of non existing topic: ( default cornsilk or #FFFFCE ) * Set NEWTOPICBGCOLOR = #000000

* Font color of non existing topic: ( default #0000FF ) * Set NEWTOPICFONTCOLOR = #444444

* PreviewBackground image: * Set PREVIEWBGIMAGE = /twiki/pub/TWiki/PreviewBackground/preview2bg.gif

* TABLE settings * Set TABLEATTRIBUTES = tableborder="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1" headerbg="#222222" databg="#444444, #666666"

Notes: * A preference is defined as:
6 spaces * Set NAME = value
Example: * Set WEBBGCOLOR = #FFFFC0 * Preferences are used as TWikiVariables by enclosing the name in percent signs. Example: * When you write variable %WEBBGCOLOR% , it gets expanded to #FFD8AA . * The sequential order of the preference settings is significant. Define preferences that use other preferences first, i.e. set WEBCOPYRIGHT before WIKIWEBMASTER since %WEBCOPYRIGHT% uses the %WIKIWEBMASTER% variable. * You can introduce new preferences variables and use them in your topics and templates. There is no need to change the TWiki engine (Perl scripts).

Related Topics: * TWikiPreferences has site-level preferences. * TWikiUsers has a list of user topics. User topics can have optional user preferences. * TWikiVariables has a list of common %VARIABLES%. * TWikiAccessControl explains how to restrict access by users or groups.
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