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"connect everything with everything else" { Libarynth:NikGaffney }, suck around and spit about. forward, backward and trans-inward again, realtime. a loose collection of events, ideas, devices, people, protocols, experiments and failures on converting arbitrary datastreams into other arbitrary datastreams while both releasing aesthetic pleasure and exhibiting "meaning" in terms of the original input context.

everything below here is very unordered, possibly outdated.

matter and facts

  • DataFeedz - some notes about what could be used as control feeds for such systems.
  • Sensors - Actually feeds but given separate section
  • SsSopht - software, links to existing software of all kinds that might be supportive of interconnection and nodal tasks.
  • AlgoRithmsAndTechniques - more abstract descriptions of processes, techniques separate from specific implementations.
  • HardWare - dedicated advanced dsp, networking and input or output hardware.
  • SsMailingLists
  • SsUnsortedNotes
  • SsRel8ted - related stuff
  • Licensing? - open content licences
  • SsAbout - more aimless babble

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