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increased security and transparency by citizen-monitoring of vital civilizational systems?

<concern> this software/system should remain as open/extensible/flexibl as possible without
becoming a generic low level interconnection system 
(which is also something interesting)  so, how to design a system which will be used for things
u never anticipated, while fulfilling the ideas ppl have about what they want to do 'now'.  such
a system should still be useful when people just expect it to work, and want to build other
systems/performances/ on top of it.  

once something becomes easier, seems like we just try to find harder things to do. so im
interested in somehting which can facilitate the exchange of arbitary data, but present it in
whatever framework is familar to the person who wants to use the data.
eg. on one side u could have a cheesy 3d rendered synth image, on the other end a comand line
and somewhere else ther is someonce coneected to muscle stimulators (think stelarc) but the data
remains the same + can be effected/exchanged in a consistent manner.   </concern>


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