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a generic but conrete streaming project. about clarifying connection setups.

sutChwon very similar project, also partly base of sukcspit

Libarynth:SukcSpit SukcSpit at just more .. ;)

further adventures in intertwingling extensive notes + links on the topic ...

Libarynth:WebHome - the Libarynth is a parafictional, semifunctional (deeply Libarynth:InterTwingled) collection of documents, notes and Libarynth:RandomNess in the smouldering rubble of babel.

d4tan - another everything arbimedia database - home of generative art mailing list

carnivore - a very suckspitty sniff your local data and publish on carnivore server for further artistic use type of setup.

algorithmic music - a page about generative music using chaotic, cellular and simliar algorithms.

The Detritus Sound Consensus Bakery - a streaming engine with multiuser input selection ability.

pd klingt org - an online multiphonic musical instrument employing pd ...

makrolab - very interesting project involving the setup of semi-autonomous isolation / research habitats

nexus - Infrastuktur für mobile, kontextbezogene Systeme, Uni Stuttgart

projekta udo - random network packets to video/audio

the formula for computer art (200312) - Eigenradio plays only the most important frequencies, only the beats with the highest entropy. If you took a bunch of music and asked it, "Music, what are you, really?" you'd hear Eigenradio singing back at you. When you're tuned in to Eigenradio, you always know that you're hearing the latest, rawest, most statistically separable thing you can possibly put in your ear.

worldprocessor - global view on the globe...

Edible User Interfaces

other stuff



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formula.swf manage 31.5 K 15 Dec 2003 - 17:41 JuanChanson jim campbell / formiula for computer art flash mov

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