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rla todo list

Form & Content

rla wikification

  1. [X] script for porting d4tan based rla into rcs
  2. [X-suspended] form template for event input: use %WEBNEWTOPICTEMPLATE% [XXX]: dont need this. opt.
  3. [X-partially] skin
  4. upload (low priority)
  5. [X] merge in FmDates
  6. set webcopyright in prefs

video contents

more material released in several stages in the next months/years

first heat proposal:

  1. incapacitants "Unauthorized Fatal Operation" live in tokyo 1999
  2. fuckhead live at Scott Walker´s Meltdown, Royal Festival Hall London 2000
  3. fm live at Sheffield (with subtitles)

compressed verison of the 'soft evidence' stuff (with subtitles)

video editing

"no edit" video material, try staying realtime as much as possible (like walsall video) - no fast cutting nonsense. possibly autocut everything like explorersWe for random play on a possible dvd release. (note: mego support seems unlikely now. -> why is this?(Hog))

realtime is for { }. does not compute. fast cutting, smooth blending, tears,rips,breaks,ascii (or utf) and pixelations. no wall breaking nonsense. no directors voice over nonsense. no pseudo realism nonsense. no dogma ripoff nonsense. no videoart nonsense. just nonsense. autocut autoassemble autowonkify. oh yeah, as many subtitle trakcs as can fit on the disc.

the random stuff is possible with dvd-studio-pro, there is even an example for a dicegame.

Licence model / Lizenzmodell

keep DSL or move to CC?

  • cc seems to be gathering quite some momentum and has some dedicated laywers involved
  • which one of their licences do we choose?
    • atribution, share alike ->
    • sampling? ->
    • non-commercial, reflex, perspex? ->
  • dsl doesnt really have a legal team, but suits the BuckyMedia? style much better. essentially a modified GPL.

other considerations and resources?

  • anti-anti-circumvention measures?

Hardware upgrades

we should buy two of those to do work on and then syncronise whenever we meet abroad. or at home. whereever that may be. where i feel comfortable.

Software upgrades

we should look into motion stabilizing the video content as it will make viewing nicer and codecs happier. Smaller files that look better..
professional packages are too expensive, but simple, low-cost ones exist..


  1. harddiscs (or 2 to sync?)
  2. server infrastructure
  3. working hours

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