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20010605 - 20010607

  • venue: between Giardini and S.Zaccaria, venice, italy
  • title: DaysOfHope
  • artist: farmersmanual, hecker, DJ I-Sound, voicecrack
  • fm at days of hope, biennale di venezia 2001 (a few files recorded onboard of the ship. also 1 recording from the voicecrack installation (sound shifting) and the dj sets of hecker and i-sound at the swiss party.)
  • fm at days of hope #2
  • fm at days of hope #3
  • fm at days of hope #4
  • fm at days of hope #5 (more fotos and some review data) movie, brought to you by fm. lo version.)[the movie (venice, the]]
  • the movie (big version) also by fm, check em out! big version!)
  • Ship of Fools ? esoteric exercises in mobile computing For two days the ship of fools cruises between Giardini and S.Zaccaria, emanating a cacophony of sounds and projections at night. Replaying it in a different time scale at a different time. A layer of technological reality usually hidden is accessed by mediation into sound and flicker. The whole of mankind is voyaging through the seas of time on a ship, a small ship. Meanwhile our ship drifts aimlessly and we never reach the harbor. We do little more than prod keyboards and idly scratch noses, but volume for volume, the decaying grease monster can?t complete. Forbidding ingredients include clicks, massive distortion, a regular pulse, free improvisation., a duration well over 24 hours, and irresponsible sound pressure levels.

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