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>> the writings

The visions Philip K. Dick was experiencing 1974-75 caused him to speculate for the rest of his life about the origin of their nature permanently scrutinizing his arguments.

Over the years this process condesed in Dick's writing - a fascinating but not always comprehensible blend of theological, mythological, philosophical, and futuristic interrogations and arguments with cross references to the bible, pantheistic mysticism, the I Ging, the NagHammadi scriptures, greek philosophy or the Divine Comedy.

PKD novels related to his epiphany >>

the Valis trilogy:

  • Valis >> 02-03-74 through the eyes of Horselover Fat, alter ego of Philip Dick

  • The Divine Invasion >> the Second Coming, projected into a futuristic police-state

  • The Transmigration of Timothy Archer >> the story of Dicks friend James A. Pike, bishop of the Episcopal Church of California, told from the point of view of Angel Archer, his fictive daughter-in-law.


  • Radio Free Albemuth >> 1976 >> a.k.a. Valissystem A >> prototype VALIS novel, unpublished during Dick's lifetime

essays, letters, notes >>

  • The Exegesis >> 8000 pages of notes and thoughts, commented excerpts of which are available in the volume In Pursuit of VALIS. Selections from the Exegesis edited by Lawrence Sutin

  • The Shifting Realities Of Philip K. Dick. Selected Literary and Philosophical Writings >> recent collection of essays and other texts edited and commented on by Lawrence Sutin. Includes among others the VALIS-relevant If You Find This World Bad, You Should See Some of the Others (1977), Cosmogony and Cosmology (1978), The Tagore Letter (1981) as well as selections from the Exegesis.

biographies, interviews >>

  • Lawrence Sutin: Divine Invasions: A Life of Philip K. Dick >> the essential PKD biography

  • Gwen Lee / Doris Elaine Sauter (ed.): What If Our World Is Their Heaven? The Final Conversations Of Philip K. Dick

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