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  • Tod Machover << interview with the composer of the valis opera

  • orbiting dicks mind - the footnotes in Pursuit of Valis, Lawrence Sutin
    • The Case of Bridey Murphy (1956) in which a woman under hypnosis went back into a fomer life of hers. she remembered to life under the name Bridey Murphy in Irland in the 19th century. 1 , 2
    • the golden rectangle, which is part of the hypnagogic visions, typiefies the pythagoraean ideal of harmonic proportions, which leads to the highest unity golden museum
    • heaven, i fell into a novel of another writer! (adsnv:s.83) The Robe (1942) Novel by Lloyd Douglas
    • stanislaw Lem: "science fiction: ein hoffnungsloser fall - mit ausnahmen" (1972), an essay in "Polaris 1" (1973) edited by Franz Rottensteiner.
    • dick loves schubert (adsnv: s.90)
    • The Decoded New Testament (1974). Veröffentlicht von Gene Savoy´s International Community of Christ in Reno, Nevada. A alternative interpretation of the new testament thru an esoteric organisation which influenced dick. (adsnv: s.92)
    • Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke (1837 - 1902), Freund von Walt Whitman und Verfasser von Cosmic Conciousness, A Study In the Evolution of the Human MInd (1905) (adsnv: s. 94)

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