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project base:

Since 1997 we have been putting on shows that deal with the not knowing... shows that busy themselves with the slippery nature of reality... shows that refuse coherent, narrative, through lines... shows that celebrate the ambiguity of everyday's life... shows that became more and more fragmented as time went by..

We are committed to ensemble work, we believe that craft and skills still matter to the process of making theatre... we try to keep rehearsals as long as we can afford, we believe that the show finds itself during the work... we resist/object to the importance given to text over other aspects of performance (actors, set, music etc...)....we think that the best way to view our shows is to accept confusion as part of the experience of sitting in the theatre... we put shows that ask the audience to make up their own mind, we don't know better...

We are mind jugglers... vaudeville clowns... film buffs... popular culture junkies... gertrude stein followers... we like silent movies... godard... musicals... we are liars... cheap dancers... risk takers... bad gamblers... we love the old fashioned, big acting style theatre, we don't know what to do with it... we can still watch someone slams into a door, it still makes us laugh...

toxic dreams was founded 1997 by YosiWanunu (director) and kornelia kilga (producer).
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