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The geometry for this structure is based on a
6v Deresonated Tensegrity dome built by John Warren in 1982-83



George Hart and Jim Leftwich built models showing a similar weave:

    • This tensegrity structure, based on the truncated icosahedron, is built from wooden coffee stirrers and dacron thread. The closeup shows how no two sticks touch each other.
      • tenseg2.jpg


Our model is made of wooden Lolly sticks and nylon thread. A large one will be built using

The model will help designing a good cover and possibly allow us to develop a (partly) removable skin.

cover_segment.gif cover_all.gif

Goatindustries have a 12.2m (40 ft) diameter geodesic for rent that can hold up to 150 people. Using the above bamboo cane we could build a structure of a up to 14m diameter (much taller than their relatively low geodesic).

Images - Day 1

Here are the first images of the model. This took me about 2.5 hours to do. Very satifsfying experience as the structure is a very simple weave made of identical parts and gets stronger as it grows.

  • IMG_3865.jpg:

  • IMG_3869.jpg:

  • IMG_3873.jpg:

  • IMG_3875.jpg:

  • IMG_3876.jpg:

Images - Day 2

I spent 4 hours on day 2. Its getting nice and curvy and very strong. At the bottom you can see the row of hexagons that will form the equator.

  • IMG_3877.jpg:

  • IMG_3882.jpg:

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