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Sound Research - Seminar 4

The theory of GlobalScaling by HartmutMueller

Epistemological basics:
There are no facts that support only one theory. However there may be facts that disprove a theory. As long as the only facts we produce are in support of the current paradigm there is no scientific progress, rather there is an illusion of progress.

All physical objects in the universe constantly change their mass through growth, decay and fusion. These changes cause vibrations in the gravity ether. Over a long period of time these vibrations self organize into a standing gravitational wave. This wave is strong enough to only allow physical objects to exist, whose mass is in harmony with this wave.
In this respect you could say that there is a natural selection process happening in the universe that involves all physical objects. As a result of this process all natural (= old) physical objects, in contrast to artificial (= young) ones, have very well defined masses.
This allows you to not only explain the whole spectrum of masses in the universe, but also to precisely calculate them.

CymaTics by Dr Hans Jenny

It is the discovery of the ubiquitous character of waves in the world that confronts us with the precise question: How actually do these vibrations function in a particular environment, a particular medium, a particular material? What is really happening in all these periodic phenomena?
These are questions that follow directly upon actual observation. (Cymatics, pp.19)
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