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Spherical Robots

  • Spherical Motor Allows 3D Movement For Robots, Other Uses
    • Magnetic forces and complex computer software make the device work. For their prototype, Chirikjian and doctoral student David Stein mounted 80 permanent magnets inside a hollow sphere, arranging them in a precise pattern. Like a scoop of ice cream nestled into a cone, the magnet-laden sphere was then placed into a tapered base atop a "saddle" made of 16 circular electromagnets, each marked with a number. By activating two or more of these electromagnets, the operator causes them to attract certain permanent magnets inside the sphere. This attraction pulls the ball into a new position.

  • Passive Dynamic Walking
    • The human body, like anything else that is large enough and slow enough, is bound by the laws of Newtonian mechanics. Our research is centerred on understanding of how humans walk from a Newtonian mechanics point of view. If we can gain better insight into how humans walk, perhaps we could improve prosthetics for the gait-impaired, help correct neuro-muscular deficiencies, or build better two-legged walking robots. Our approach, which picks up on the ideas and inventions of TadMcGeer?, is to focus on what aspects of coordination can be largely explained by mechanics.

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