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First, Space!

Second, Learning through making

Third, Max Application!

  • Taking many creative software applications (Image/Text/Sound editors, Video editing, 3d) and push them off the table to break them and to get a lot of single pieces, a set of simpler functions and routines that become the building block for your own applications.
  • With these new building blocks we can also define a new understanding of a certain area.
    • space/time displacement: TimeBased
    • non-linear stories: Buster´s Headache
  • Different to the traditional modes of production of audiovisual content where one media (either sound or image) is done first it is possible within MAX to develop both layers jointly from the start. A music video is written and produced only after the finished track of music is available and feature films on the other hand are set to music only after the visual part is finalized. Within the fluent form of MAX both of these elements are combined already from the start and can be connected, related to and translated between each in an endless number of possibilities.

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