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Sound devices

A list of sound devices for various purposes:


The cone of silence, called Babble, is actually a device composed of a sound processor and several speakers that multiply and scramble voices that come within its range. About the size of a clock radio, the first model is designed for a person using a phone, but other models will work in open office space.


The SongFinder is an advanced digital device aimed at bird enthusiasts who suffer from high frequency hearing loss and who are unable to hear high-pitched bird songs in their natural surroundings. Unlike conventional amplifying-type hearing aids, the Songfinder works by lowering the frequency of high-pitched songs into a range where the user has normal or near-normal hearing.

Piezo-electric film contact pickups

Piezo-electric film has several advantages over traditional rigid contact pickups: It shows an extraordinarily broad and flat frequency response; it is free of self-resonance; it mounts more readily on all sorts of surfaces whether flat or curved without inhibiting vibration; it can extend over a larger portion of the vibrating body to give a more balanced response; and it is sensitive enough to capture some of the air resonance tone when mounted inside the soundboard of instruments with air chambers. It is made of thin, flexible polymer, so it makes for pickups that are lightweight yet durable. It can work on any instrument with a solid vibrating surface, such as string instruments with soundboards, drum heads, marimba bars, etc., etc… and it can even work with many wind instruments (usually placed just inside the bell where air movement amplitudes are large). On the downside, the piezo films produce a very slight hum. It is negligible in the great majority of cases, especially when the signal from the vibration source is strong. But in a few cases we have encountered, where excellent signal-to-noise is important, it has proven to be a problem.

OKM original head-microphone

The OKM original head-microphone is a ball look Elektret-microphone which comes with an enclosed A3 adapter. This combination can be used to make excellent quality surround recordings.

The OKM-Microphone is exceptionally good for:

  • live-music recordings
  • high quality voice recordings
  • use as a border-surface-microphone

Using the A3 adapter, the OKM original head-microphone can be plugged directly into the line-in port.

The OKM original head-microphone is a new and uniquely designed microphone, developed especially for mini recording systems. Its special design allows it to be used for the most diverse applications

Musical instruments

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