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Socializing Potential of...

Tangent list:

  • All known (and unknown) physical structures, models or relations exist as socializing potential. (-> OlafurEliasson)
    • Throughout history one can observe how different models of seeing and of relating to space - that is our relation to our surroundings - have replaced one another, parallel with social, ideological, technical and other changes. Values of a given time will always determine the models and relations through which we choose to conduct our lives. If the values change, the relations change as well. For the single person these models and relations can seem so natural that one can make the mistake of thinking that they are actual characteristics of our surroundings. Through a given time's scale of values we structure our surroundings in such a way that they appear meaningful and as an understandable entity. However, at the same time this specific relation also sets up a kind of limitation for what we perceive and understand from our surroundings, because it excludes or suppresses any knowledge which clashes with its meaningful entity

-- HiazHhzz - 26 Dec 2003
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