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Viktor Schaubergerís archive had originally been maintained by his son Walter Schauberger, a mathematics and physics graduate, and is now administered by the immediate family. Walter Schauberger was deeply involved in the further teaching and researching of his fatherís discoveries which were based on acute observations of nature; and he brought these perceptions into accord with harmonic theories of Pythagoras and Johannes Kepler.

In reverence for these great scientists, Walter Schauberger named the research centre in Engleithen the PHYTAGORAS KEPLER SCHOOL (PKS) and embraced their formulated research into the term the PHYTAGORAS KEPLER SYSTEM. After an interruption (Walter Schauberger died in 1994), regular PKS-seminars were re-established in summer 1996 in the VILLA ROTHSTEIN. A CD-ROM on Viktor Schaubergerís Water Motion Theory and a book on Walter Schaubergerís mathematical principles have since been published.

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