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Notes on the pinklight exhibition

pink light - an online/offline exhibition project dedicated to the life, work and epiphany of Philip K. Dick
28 march 2004 to 18 april 2004 @ Freiraum | q21 | museumsquartier wien
( the project will take place in march 2004, 30 years after PKD's first encounter with VALIS )

more info at

hiaz notes on exhibition design:

ok, here a few stray ideas. I need to know more details from you...

my general idea is to work with breaking down light in its components (many waves in different frequencies - like white noise)

i think we should cover all the windows in the space with pink, polarizing film like in this image:

this film is quite cheap. about 1 /m

-- HiazHhzz - 11 Feb 2004
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