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Philips Pavilion

«The Philips Pavilion presented a collage liturgy for twentieth-century humankind, dependent on electricity instead of daylight and on virtual perspectives in place of terrestrial views.» (Source: Marc Treib, Space Calculated in Seconds, Princeton, 1996, p. 3)


Philips Industries commissioned LeCorbusier to build their pavilion for the 1958 World's Fair to be a showcase of their technology. IannisXenakis was working for Le Corbusier at the time and ended up designing the building as well as writing music for some of the spaces (Concret P.H.. Le Corbusier designed the visuals for the inside and chose EdgarVarese to create the music for the main space. It was an extremely complex installation with 350 speakers, all sorts of lights, slide and film projectors, sculpture and more. Xenakis' music and architecture was heavily based on mathematics, especially hyperbolic paraboloid shapes. Edgar Varese worked in Philips then new sound studio in Eindhoven with two full-time technichians to create the main musical piece. Le Corbusier worked with his firm to create the visuals.

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