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This wondermachine is lurked from nature, nothing else. Nature is the greatest source of power as well as knowledge which man has, and it still conceals many secrets, which are only revealed to those, who approach and tie in with them with highest respect and responsibility.

To understand nature and to perceive its voice, man is obliged to experience silence and solitude, and it was there, where the knowledge about this technology was obtained.

The two conterrotating discs generate an electrostatic charge. One disc represents the earth, the other the cloud. Using grid electrodes the charges are bound. After that they are collected by non-contacting so-called antenna keys and then sorted.

After being initially turned on by hand, the discs rotate by themselves according to the electrostatic laws about attraction and repulsion. A rectifying diode keeps the cycles in steady state. Otherwise the impulses of attraction and repulsion would accumulate and cause the discs to run faster and faster. The correct speed is of great importance and for optimal power generation the discs have to run quite steady and slow.

By means of grid condensers the energy is stored and then uniformly discharged, at the same time reducing the high voltage and building up power with additional devices. Finally the machine supplies a uniform direct current, which varies according to the size of the model. The machine furnishes about 3-4kW permanent output, depending on humidity, whereby the electric potential ranges from 270 to 320Volt. High humidity of the atmosphere prevents the build-up of electric potential. The drier the air, the better.

No doubt, through the so far achieved results one main objective has been reached, namely to prove that it is possible to use Free Energy. Nevertheless the research work is not yet completed.


    • This 20 minute digital video tells the story of the Testatika, the ‘free energy’ machine invented by a religious cult called Methernitha who are based in the Swiss mountains near Bern. This film takes us on a scientific pilgrimage to New Hampshire (USA), Newcastle (UK) and finally to Bern (Switzerland) in search of this new source of environmentally clean energy.

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