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Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

Excerpt from "Vision in Motion"

The industrial revolution opened up a new dimension - the dimension of a new science and a new technology which could be used for the realization of all-embracing relationships. Contemporary man threw himself into the experience of these new relationships. But saturated with old ideologies, he approached the new dimension with obsolete practices and failed to translate his newly gained experience into emotional language and cultural reality. The result has been and still is misery and conflict, brutality and anguish, unemployment and war. Emotionally most people live within the old dimensions of anachronistic fixations, tribal prejudices. They are immune against any suggestion for a better use of their resources because in our verbalistic society all such arguments can be answered by counterarguments for the preservation of the status quo. What is needed is a rediscovery of the elements of existence, work, recreation, and a fearless demonstration of their fundamentals relative to our time without paralogy. We have to free the elements of existence from historic accretions, from the turgid symbolism of past association, so that their function and effectiveness will be unimpaired.

Theoretically, man is the sum total of his psychophysical, intellectual, and emotional potentialities. His reasoning power parallels the emotional forces. What he knows, he could also feel if he would train himself in both spheres. In fact, this is his historic struggle, to arrive at an integrated life in which he would function to the fullest of his capacities through a synthesis of the intellectual and the emotional through the coordination of penetrative thinking and profound feeling. To reach this goal - to feel what we know and know what we feel - is one of the tasks of our generation.

Copyright 1947, Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, Chicago Paul Theobald and Company, 1961, p. 10.


-- HiazHhzz - 19 Apr 2004
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