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Ideas for the white box

The center piece will be a room installation consisting of five swings that will be hanged in the center of the room creating a circle in between them. The public will be free to use the swings as in a playground. On top of each swing we will position a motion sensor that will measure the swing’s movements; the data from this movements will in turn control the video and sound output in the room. The video output will consist of one video beamer hanged upside down projecting the images into the circle between the swings. The sound output will surround the room from all sides. The public will have to discover the fact that they are controlling the video/sound output by their swing movements.

notes on sound:
Pure sinewaves in the lower end of the voice frequency are very hard to pin down. They tend to flood a space acoustically. When physically moving through a space filled with its own natural frequency it sounds like moving through all the different phases in one cycle of a sinewave. Directional hearing is off.

The swings allow us to oscillate in space and to experience our physical movement with our ears. This experience is different for each person in the room as it is based on location.

The pitches used are based on the three sets of two sine waves in the SineClock. The chord used should be a major fifth that is slightly corrected to fit the GoldenRatio used by the NeuroPhone or the GlobalScaling.

notes on the sensor setup:
An OmnidirectionalVision camera is suspended from the ceiling and used as a sensor to measure the activity in the room and track oscillating movements caused by the swinging. These will introduce perturbations in the acoustic field that can either intensify the ongoing experience or transform it into a different state that momentarily unifies all visitors in the room into the same sound space.

see also: ErnstChladni, CymaTics

notes on the visual content:
There are five video recordings using OmnidirectionalVision that involve the camera swinging during the shot (possibly using actual swings on five different playgrounds. Each is linked to a swing end extends the direction of the swinging into the center of the circle creating a pentagonal pattern. These five videos are sampled into the computers memory and play back and forth based on the periodic movement of the swing. Additional compositing effects might be used to reduce the photographic feel of these images to a more graphic one.

The aim is not to develop a complex sensor analysis, but to link the physical activity of the swinging, its oscillating pattern, with a space shifting and expanding audiovisual experience like an impression of moving through more spaces at the same time.

see also: HyperbolicGeometry
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