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The chambers

Chamber 1: Down the Rabbit-Hole

Where a story is being told. This is a chamber where things will be put minus plus together. Following the book more visually than textually. The visual representation will follow the different images in the story while the text will consist of mainly remarks or thoughts from Alice. In a way it makes Alices text a commentary or a voice over to the visual. The visual will work with realistic images manipulated to look strange, fantastic, unrealistic. The voices will function as voice over and will move between a child voice to adult and by that making Alice ageless.

Chamber 2: Advice from a Caterpillar

Where the voice is the main source. The story is told by different characters including a story teller similar to a radio play but manipulated and transformed in a disorganized fashion. In other way the questions that are asked in this chamber will bounce in the room via sound without a particular order or sense. An existential Babylon. The images will appear sporadically if at all and will not have direct connection to the text. The sound will come via loudspeakers or via headphones where every member of the audience will hear a different text and music.

Chamber 3: A Mad Tea-Party

Where the images will control the overall viewing and the room will be silent. The only text will come from projection. It will look like the most crazy party one can imagine - heavy make-up, wild hats, food fights etc. It is like a silent movie with titles. It might be that the audience will be offered music via headsets, but it is unclear for now.

Chamber 4: Looking-Glass House

Where chaos will be celebrated. Where visual, sound, text will live together without any particular connection. Where things will move fast or slow, happy or sad, sane or crazy, on their own pace. In that chamber the computer will be programmed to control the outcome arbitrarily, so no "human mind" will decide what to show and when or what to cut and where. It will be up to the computer to decide how to tell the story and if it is a total nonsense then be it. Isn't the book also a total nonsense in some parts?

text by YosiWanunu

-- HiazHhzz - 30 Jan 2004
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