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The point of departure for Jabberwocky Mischmasch is the writing of Lewis Carroll (with an emphasis on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, but also personal notes and word games written by him in his personal diaries).

The idea is not to stage the stories, this was done a lot and in many different versions, but to use Alice as a trigger for a journey where words, images, sounds and rooms are mixed together to create, yet, another journey. Alice is a story that everyone knows, although very few people actually read it. The "idea" of Alice is part of our collective knowledge, it is a culture icon, a metaphor for the games of order and dream, analysis and synthesis, rational and emotion, self-control and spontaneity, science and art and so on. These elements are in constant fight, a fight that takes a form of a game. The tools of these games are words and the mind that plays those words. How to put things that seem not to belong to each other, together. What is the process of making sense? Does the story have to have a structure, a meaning, an end with a message? Or is it a circular thing, that is put together in the mind of the viewer/reader/listener and change its meaning on each viewing.

Jabberwocky Mischmasch will try to reconstruct this mind game by creating an environment that celebrates the different elements mentioned above and put them together without a clear order or hierarchy. The audience will have to put the pieces together, or maybe some of them will chose not to and instead will enjoy each part seperately. The idea is to create a series of rooms/chambers where a topic/chapter from the books will serve as an inspiration. Each chamber will involve either pieces of text, video material or sound that will run simultaneously, sometimes in clear synchronisation and sometimes in a parallel universe. The text can be a word, a line, a dialogue or a full passage of a story. The video either figurative or abstract. Either a realist representation of the story or the abstraction of it reducing the story to colours, shapes, graphic elements etc. The sound will include actors talking, either telling the story or playing characters (mainly dialogues or short monologues). The music will move from a movie soundtrack type to electroacustic babble. The text will either be spoken by actors via loudspeakers or projected on screens as a visual element. The audience will move freely from one chamber to another, each member in his/her own tempo.

text by YosiWanunu

-- HiazHhzz - 30 Jan 2004
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