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"The ability to perceive pattern and make connections, to see parts in relation to the whole, is vital to us in the West where a culture based on dichotomy (art-science, material-spiritual, etc) has beed led to a rapidly developing technology towards excessive analysis at the expense of synthesis."

The language of pattern, an enquiry inspired by Islamic decoration, K. Albarn, J Smith, S. Stelle, D. Walker, Thames and Hudson, London, 1974

Infinity and Void: Architectural Ornament and New Space

The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment

is an educational charity established by The Prince of Wales to teach and demonstrate in practice those principles of traditional urban design and architecture which put people and the communities of which they are part at the centre of the design process.

The Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts programme (V.I.T.A.) of the Prince's School of Traditional Arts specialises in the arts and architecture of Islam and the traditional arts of other civilisations. It encourages an appreciation of the universal values that are fundamental to the arts of the great traditions of the world. V.I.T.A. promotes awareness that the beauty of form, pattern and colour (as manifested in Islamic and other traditional art) are not simply aesthetically pleasing or good design, but are representative of a more profound universal order.

-- HiazHhzz - 22 May 2004
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