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To date, the 'laptop performance' has been a contradiction in terms; the performance environment is both technically and visually concealed from it's audience. This contrivance of process threatens to rarify appreciation of the medium as the articulations and events of performance become increasingly removed from the vocabularies and critiques other instruments have enjoyed.

In the rare case a laptop performer projects the interface of action, it is already so complex and techically abstracted that a meaningful relationship between action and event is difficult to bridge.

Here, the gttctt engine presents an innovation; by lifting the instrumentation into that of a richly responsive 3D virtual world, audiences can engage with a graphic and syntactical interface where sound events are iconically and symbolically represented. With all the action of a 3D game, the performers themselves will directly engage with the computed signal as a spatial matrix, where shifts and flows of action have a tangible and entertaining relationship with what is heard.

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