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Information on possible EU funding for the project

Call for Proposals 82/2002
Title: Support for the Concept Development od Multimedia Projects

transscribed from a conversation with Maja on 20020302.

This funding project is suitable us for the following reasons:

  • it is not necessary to find any european partner organisations. The funding is for 1 organisation/company
  • the support is only valid for the development of a concept and/or demo. If the title should go into production the money has to be paid back. (We dont want to go in production but instead finish a working demo.)
  • the funding is an "open call" meaning it is possible to send in applications already from now until the beginning of June. If we could finish an application now, we can expect to receive an answer within 6 weeks. If the reaction should be negative. we will get comments why it failed and can enter a revised application again.

To enter the programm we need to have a company or main developer that has a good track record in doing multimedia project and it is better to enter as a production company than a non-profit organisation. The other titles within this call are directed to Fiction Projects/Creative Documentaries/Film and Television Animation Projects to give you an idea about the typical organisation applying for this fund.

A possible setup could look like this:
I could ask a film or multimedia company here to enter with me and than employ you (Martin and Julian) and put Julianīs good track record in the application. The forms are not too complicated and if we send in soon, we could even have time to have a revised version sent before the deadline in June. Maja said, it will take several months to receive an answer once the deadline is over.

There should be a Media Desk office also here in Vienna for me to speak up and find out. (address!)

Maja also recommended applying at the Daniel Langlois Funding program in Canada. see this link.

Lets talk on tuesday. I hope, I can also open this web based collaboration platform for both of you until then.

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-- HiazHhzz - 02 Mar 2003
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