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Henri Lefebvre

The idea of a new life is at once realistic and illusory and hence neither true nor false. What is true is that the preconditions for a different life have already been created, and that that other life is thus on the cards. What is false is the assumption that being on the cards and being imminent are the same thing, that what is immediately possible is necessarily a world away from what is only a distant possibility, or even an impossibility. The fact is that the space which contains the realized preconditions of another life is the same one as prohibits what those preconditions make possible. The seeming limpidity of that space is therefore a delusion: it appears to make elucidation unnecessary, but in reality it requires urgent elucidation. A total revolution - material, economic, social, political, psychic, cultural, erotic, etc. - seems to be in the offing, as though already immanent to the present. To change life, however, we must first change space.

Henri Lefebvre:The Production of Space, translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith, Blackwell, pp189/90

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