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Graceful Deprivation (project proposal)

The installation uses a device called Neurophone mounted inside a helmet. Via two steel transducer touching the skin the Neurophone transmits ultrasonic impulses to the brain that are decoded as sound information and heard "inside the head". This means that the Neurophone stimulates perception through a seventh or alternative sense.

Many primitive organisms and animals can see, hear and smell with their skin. The skin is the largest and most complex organ of the human body and every organ of perception evolved from folding skin. The helmet is set to the Fibonacci (Golden Noise) mode which uses a frequency set based on the Golden Ratio to balance meridians of the body, improve sleep, and better concentration.

see: NeuroPhone

Ordering a Neurophone online

neurophone_fs222_black.gif electrodes-measure.jpg

The Neurophone Golden Ratio Series offers a new component to the DSP technology of the Neurophone in s small and portable package. The unit has pink noise mode, Fibonacci mode (phi) and several sleep entrainment modes. Comes complete with 2-AAA batteries, user guide and manual, stainless steel transducers and the GRS unit. Please note that the GRS Neurophone does not have an external audio input.

Stainless steel transducers with 3.5 mm audio connector and headband.

Prototype images

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  • stand.jpg:

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