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GCTTCATT are a cybernetic-DJ band who seek to push the notion of DJ practice to its farthest limits. Through a collaboration between radical turntablism and realtime digital splicing + recombination, GCTTCATT re-define DJing into a tour-de-force act of audiovisual atomisation and hyper-transmutation. Comprising Martin Ng (Turntable Hell etc) and Mathias Gmachl (of Farmers Manual, Skot and Fuckhead), GCTTCATT presents a profoundly entropic vision of the DJ – articulating a zone of new possibilities "on a level with the musique concrete of Schaeffer, Henry, Eric La Casa or Lionel Marchetti. ‘This is a sound. I can make it something else. That something else is a new sound entirely. It does not resemble the old sound from which it originates, unless I choose to make it do so’." (Flux Europa, UK).

GCTTCATT present "New Adventures of the Interstitial Butcher"

For the 2002 Argos festival, GCTTCATT will premiere a new performance modus operandi. Drawing upon inspiration from the ancient Chinese mythology of a demi-god who travels the universe inhabiting the voids between the very fabric and molecules of our existence, the Interstitial Butcher is a demon who can atomise our existence by exploding us from within. "The Interstitial Butcher" is a performance vehicle which starts from a DJ template but transfects the notion of club culture performance from within with a virulently polymorphic aesthetic – the smallest shards of vinyl manipulation and DJ images are exponentially diced + sub-atomically re-constituted into a dizzying multi-faceted multi-channel work. Sampledelia in the age of biotechnology.

Club culture R.I.P.

Some reviews:

  • Critics Picks of 2001, Village Voice, New York
  • BBC Global Top Ten of 2001 (by Kim Cascone)

"Here is a manner of sonic dialogue which is truly new – this is true more in the aesthetic result that in the process. One is reminded of the collaboration between the saxophone of Evan Parker and the electroacoustic processing of Lawrence Casserley - where artistic individualities amalgamate in an unexpected sound-matter emulsion. A bowl of welcome radicalism and new overpowering proof that Mego innovates."
Olivier Lamm, Chronic Art (Paris), December 2001.

"GCTTCATT makes as much sense musically as Varese's 'Ecuatorial' or Stockhausen's 'Kontakte': there is method to the artists' madness, purpose to their improvisations.  A fascinating celebration of technology, and the exploitation of technology."
Stewart Gott, Flux Europa, London, (UK)February 2002

" We're witnessing music taken to its furthest limits. The speeded up turntablism pounds like industrial jackhammers, becoming almost like hard techno if not for the many layers of noise, digital signals and feedback. If this represents the future, then I'm all for it."
Satpal Kalsi, Friend of the Devil (, March 2002

"Taking a surprising detour from the usually austere continuum of post-digital improv, the members of gcttcatt make hay out of the man/machine dichotomy and ideas about 'process' by the very nature of their symbiotic relationship. Codependency never sounded so good."
Dan Hirsch, Other Music, Boston and New York (U.S.) October 2001

"While the record medium is the focus, it is subverted in a manner that renders all previous turntable records simply safe and treading forty-year-old waters of musique concrete."
Andy Beta, Angbase, August, 2002

GCTTCATT discography

  • ampErase (CD/CD-rom, Mego, Vienna (Mego 021)), 2001.

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