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The Fun Palace

by CedricPrice

He commented upon his time based architecture in a sound document: ‘Technology is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as the ‘science and industrial arts’ and in the fun-palace designed in 1961 for JoanLittlewood?. I tried to achieve in effect a large mechanised shipyard in which various structures could be built from above by means of gantries, travelling-cranes and beams. These structures would continue the activities as shown simply in themselves but would, through modifying, be capable of being altered while the building was occupied. Access to such structures could be achieved by means of escalators which radiated through 270 degrees from ground level. The whole structure therefore being constantly changing and such change being achieved by the sort of techniques, materials and technologies already at that time available in advanced engineering and shipbuilding and aircraft production.

The reason for the employment of such techniques was to ease up the choice, to free the opportunities of the individual user as to what they would do next. So one was using a tight, carefully designed technology to achieve a loose, freewill social pattern and that, of course, is the reason why the ground floor was left clear. Even once in the building you still had an opportunity to decide which way to go.

from an article about CitiesOnTheMove by HansUlrichObrist

-- HiazHhzz - 14 Jul 2004
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