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notes on foam sensorbox

setup + config notes for CERF/CEED based system


wired connection

  • prerequisites
    • ceed
    • sensors + cables
    • network with DHCP server
    • power suppply or batteries
  • attach ethernet cable to the ceed box
  • powerup ceed
  • wait for a while,
  • find its ip
    • run nmap or similar to find which ip# it has ...
    • eg. # nmap -sP
    • check which ips are in use before + after turning the ceed on
  • check there is something listening to port 5333 on the host machine (eg, 'oz', 'nc -lup 5333' or an OSC capable program)
  • connect to the ceed # ssh -lroot 10.0.0.x
  • load the adxl module # insmod adxl.o
  • run the sensor program in test mode # ./operate -c debug.conf -h <host.ip>
  • check which chanels are active
  • edit the operate.conf file if required.
  • run the sensor program # ./operate -h <host.ip>
  • sit back + relax

wireless connection

  • make sure the base station is active
  • check SSID set to f0am (using ap-config under GNU/Linux)
  • contine as above from the 'powerup ceed' step

this site has all the info foam compiled during Txoom

-- Xdv.hiaz - 10 Mar 2004
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