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RLA & txOom DVDs released!

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Introdcution and overlaps

Which would be best way to introduce her/him about these 2 project ?

There are differences, but also many similarities between the 2 projects, so lets try to focus on the similarities:

Both projects deal with intellectual property or sharing of ideas:
Today, music lovers around the world are considered to be potential criminals by a body of institutions which earned an enormous amount of money through establishing a link between musicians and listeners, a link that can also be made directly using computer and network technologies.
For our DVD release we tried to use a good combination of distribution channels and digital devices to put the focus back on the music: we took the most widely used music compression format (mp3) and the largest mass produced digital medium (DVD/DVD-Rom) together to pack more than 95 hours of our music onto one single disc medium.
All of this material is simultaneously published on the internet for free download and we keep adding material to the archive, but because of todays intellectual property laws and regulations it is not particularly easy to give your work away for free and secure that other people are not exploiting it to make profit. Therefore we had to look for a forward thinking licence scheme under which to publish it and found the Design Science Licence that defines the term "copyleft" to allow free exchange of ideas in a juridical language.
We are very curious about how the idea behind and the work itself will develop, because despite the fact of it being a finished product, we think of it as an open door. (one person has been referring to it as "pure sex".)
Equally all the software programmed for the txOom project is published under the design science licence, so that other people can reuse, modify and grow the work we have started there.

Both projects deal with performance art:
In a conversation with Marina Ambramovich in february it was very interesting that we both shared the fascination for 1 to 1 experiences: performances creating a very intimate and intense exchange between an artist and a member of the audience, a practice that is at the same time very exhausting and rewarding for both sides. In an age of mass penetration this is an incredibly uneconomical, timeconsuming approach and not easy to realize.

txOom is an interdisciplinary research project dealing with the problems of reintegrating virtual spaces into the physical world, something termed mixed realities or responsive spaces. Unlike a lot of projects in this field it also tries to overcome language barriers and technological fears by going into untypical places and creating a series of experiences that encourage openness and continuous learning.
Beside the interesting technological aspects of the project, it created a time of great many 1 to 1 experiences. It is very elevating to have a 16 year old girl, mother of a 4 year old telling you that she was able for the first time in years to forget about the situation she is in and just enjoy experiencing an unknown magical world around her.

the farmersmanual release is documenting six years of live performances we did in various locations and setups.

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An Interview with Manuela Farmers about RLA

Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 16:53:05 +0200
To: "Jerome LANGLAIS"
From: manuela farmers
Subject: Re: Réf. : Re: Fwd: Farmersmanual


OK so I'm here just for a few questions. Could you please answer me before wednesday please ? I have to give my article on friday ! sorry for the short delay. thanks a lot.

thanks for you interest!

So here are my questions :

Why did you release a DVD format ?

we wanted to combine a popular compressed music file format with the highest capacity digital medium to achieve a total experience of our musical output.

Are you proud to be the first experimental artists to be releasing such a complete format in Europe ?

we are very interested in how the work is received by the public and happy that we have been allowed to release it under a forward thinking licensing scheme. we are opposed to companies who are shifting the balance of fundamental rights and liberties and are researching alternative collaborative structures based on sharing information, skills and resources.

Your music can be seen as experimental stuff that even non used people can listen to (it can feel accessible). DVD is now a very popular format, so is DVD a new possibility to make your art accessible ?

one of the things we ask ourselves is: what is music? we hope to provide many possible answers to this question on the DVD. the combination of finished product available in music stores with an open-ended website that holds all the material should give as many people as possible access to our work.

Can you explain why you chose to put this crazy video on the DVD ? What is it supposed to express ?

it expresses our way of working, simply getting together and doing something. the recording dates back to July 1996 and the space shown is still in operation and is kind of our base camp.

As your website, your DVD stimulates curiosity : you must seek everything, people who want to access your website's pages or each track on the DVD must implicate themselves in researching information. Is it voluntary in order to make listening music or watching videos as a real action, a really active (not passive) situation, or is it again just a game ?

actively perceiving how we collect and filter sensory input around us is essential. actively researching information helps to become an independent, responsible individual. we ask the people who have found out about us to continue their quest from there.

Are you still explorers or are you now exploders ?


What question would you like to ask me ?

are you serious?

Thanks !!

anytime, manu

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