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His Grandfather was the first African to record in Europe, recording some religious songs for EMI in the 1920s
His band, Africa 70, featured the amazing drumming of Tony Allen
Liked to smoke marijuana, a lot
During the course of his prolific career he released 77 albums
Fela appeared in court 356 times and was imprisoned on three occasions. The Nigerian state was not his friend
He led his own political party, Movement of the People
Femi Kuti, Fela's son, is also an acclaimed saxophonist and band leader

Had a Fela sort of musical weekend. Listened to all 6 LPs in the Volume1 set one evening... long hot summer music... JJD, ITT, Open and Close, Gentleman...

Music is the weapon.

I was looking for images of Fela's wives, his queens, some of the most stunningly beautiful faces I've ever seen, but fould just the one above worth showing.

-- HiazHhzz - 13 Jun 2004
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