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Opening on May the 14th 2004
Unique Interactive Art Work for Multimedia Park

In the Multimedia Park of Ekkersrijt Science Park in Son en Breugel, Holland, the building of the artwork Son-O-House is almost completed and will be officially opened on May the 14th 2004 at 5 o' clock in the afternoon. Prior to the opening, at half past three, both designers will be present at the press conference in the near by building of Omroep Brabant. This is the regional radio and TV station. The address is Ekkersrijt 5600 in Son.

But first, on Thursday, the 22nd of April 2004, the designers of Son-O-House, the architect Lars Spuybroek and the composer Edwin van der Heide, will give a talk at the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven.

Spuybroek, who owns the architectural agency Nox in Rotterdam, was invited by the Ekkersrijt Industrial Board to submit a design because of his revolutionary vision on art, architecture and new media. As a composer Van der Heide specialises in interactive and spatial sound experience, so that space is an essential component of what he does. Their work is in keeping with the high-tech companies mainly located in that area of the park. The duo worked previously together on the water pavilion at the Neeltje Jans work island, the visitor centre of Delta Works. Spybroek was recently invited to make a design for the new Pompidou Centre.

The Son-O-House is no normal dwelling, it is a house 'inhabited by sounds'. The design of the artwork is based on patterns of movement made by people in a house. The movements of the people who visit the house are detected by numerous sensors and ultimately deter-mine the building's sound composition. The architecture challenges visitors to actively explore the building, while the sound composition changes according to their movements. Thus visitors leave traces of themselves behind. More traditional compositions produce a more uniform experience - in fact the aim of Son-O-House is to bring about a more individual experience. Visitors are encouraged to keep revisiting the house.

The artwork's design is of a complexity we are not used to seeing in architecture. All the visitors' movements with all the flowing lines are digitally processed into one texture. The result is so complex that the actual building process is only possible with the most advanced digital techniques. All the components have been cut with a computer-guided laser and fit perfectly together - something in building that was completely impossible a few years ago. The design is constructed from stainless steel, prefabricated in Austria and Hungary.

During the preparatory phase the design already achieved full recognition. Various national and regional funding bodies were prepared to provide financial support, while the business community has also contributed considerably to Son-O-House.

-- HiazHhzz - 11 Dec 2003
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