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Concept for a DVD Label

The basic idea is to do a series of dvd releases the show material comming from different locations/time-zones/biologies in a homogenous form that itself is defined by complete openess.

The form exploits the possibility of the dvd to switch between (realistically, technicly even more) 3-4 different angles/layers of video and 3-5 different mixes of sounds (note: 1 to 6 channel mixes). This can result in a disc that put into a player causes it to edit a different version of the material each time you put it in and/or a constantly shifting and drifting version looping thru spaces and times, generating stories within stories.

We have material for at least 3 of these dvds

We would need a production company and also online distribution. Additionally there would be distribution for a small number of specialized art book-shops.

FmRlaAndFoamTxoom DVDs are released have been very well received -> RlaFeedBack

maybe ?

To do list:

  • need to receive more technical info on the authoring process -> tools at work/walter kuntner
  • ask Akiko to help in putting together a list of relevant shops for publications (list)
  • ask Maja whether we have the human resources to start communicating with the shops on this list so we can start distributing DVDs, Newsletters and possible other material via these channels.

  • the press image for Busterīs Headache 03/2002:

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