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To grow back into the real world

The TrustUs summer experience always had a really positive effect on me. Already from its first manifestation, which came completely out of the blue, I gained a lot of spiritual energy. The combination of inspiring human nature and inspiring natural beauty is unequalled.
Looking at myself in the summer of 2001 made me wonder: I was staying in this most gorgeous place and would spend my time inside the house in front of my laptop?
After coming back home my wish to overcome this lack of physicality had grown strong.

more images of TrustUs 2002, St. Gilgen am Wolfgangsee

  • the sun is coming up while the ball catches the lights of three candles on the pier:

The light skin of the ball transformed it into a light catching crystal. WhiteLightWhiteHeat

Building Bridges with Bucky Balls

The first experiment with a bucky ball have been very successful. The parts were affordable and could be manufactured in relatively short time (thanks to the help of my friends Holger and Martin!). The setup was quick and easy, although doing it for the first time. And most of all the physical experience, look and strenght of the structure are impressive.

see a timelapse of the setup: in new window

-- HiazHhzz - 19 Jun 2003
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