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Bucky Media Concept

All known (and unknown) physical structures, models or relations exist as socializing potential.

elements of phase one:

  • developing a hardware interface and audiovisual display for gullibloon
  • IpLogo further development and software implementation
  • presenting in various environments:
    • museum (art-context)
    • concert hall (music context)
    • school/university (education context)
    • internet cafe (public context)
    • special events especially created for the purpose/project (new context)
  • DVD documentation of projects in multilayer style

physical setup of the room
in our space there is a 5m diameter, 80-sided bucky ball. it is at the same time a audio/video display space and physical interface. by moving the structure the viewers can navigate through different interpretations of real and virtual spaces and time following the ideas of a micro/macro design: the bucky is a symbol of a star or a planet or our circularly expanding universe, something extraordinary large, but also a of a crystal ball or a microscopical lens, looking at the infinetly small.

i would love to give people the possibility to access the space within the bucky and not close it of completely, creating an inside and outside situation for interaction.

why the bucky?

  • the round shape of the bucky and the tensegrity within it have a number of possibilities to graphically and physically help understand ideas of global scales, networks and relatedness
    • entering a room with the bucky inside we cannot but orbit around it giving us the impression of a planet or star. (worldwide networking is the fundamental technology that transformed geographically displaced entities into global players, reorganising first the military, than the banking and at last also the economical and private sector. -> question: why are we not seeing a transformation of the political sector, too?)
    • in mechanics and biomechanics, tensegrity is a property of objects with components that use tension and compression in a combination that yields strength. This kind of strength exists also in biological structures down to the cellular level. (the internet´s structure, in which the old sender-receiver communication is broken down in favor of everyone communicating with everyone, offers groups a powerful instrument for self-organization and formulation of their concerns. In both cases one-way systems are replaced by two-way systems.)
    • although being a metall skeleton the bucky has a very organic feel compared to most man-made constructions. FiveFoldSymmetry? is at the basis of geodesic structures, certain types of crystals (called quasicrystals) and is generally full of GoldenRatio proportions, making it another beautiful example of how nature builds.
    • multichannel setups need an unnaturally dry acoustic to become effective. when we work in concert halls or white cubes we dont want to take care of damping. this was the starting point to look into possibilities to bring a space with us and the geodesic dome or bucky ball targets these issues:
      • it is light, easy to transport and setup
      • the many facets of it surface diffuse reflections resulting in a uniform acoustic space inside it
      • the grid-like skeleton can be used to position small speakers


  • Geodesic Domes wie die Haut eines menschlichen Wesens: Es ist möglich all die Zellen einer geodetischen Konstruktion wie unsere eigene Haut mit allen ihren Poren zu organisieren, sodaß manche lichtempfindlich sind, und manche sind tonempfindlich, und andere sind wärmeempfindlich; und es wäre ganz sicher möglich, eine Geodesic sehr hoher Frequenz zu schaffen, wo jede dieser Poren aus Kreistangenten gleicher Größe bestünde. Einige davon könnten ein Bildschirm sein, andere könnten Luft atmen, andere Licht einlassen, und das Ganze könnte sich artikulieren genauso sensitiv wie die Haut eines menschlichen Wesens. Und ich glaube wirklich, daß Geodesic Domes dieser Art entwickelt werden. Richard Buckminster Fuller Domebook 2 (1971)

  • TypesOfPollution - I would like to collect types of pollution that are not very well known to the general public. Things like acid-rain, radioactive waste or the ozone-hole have been on the news frequently in the past years, but the amount of space debris or light pollution still seems rather abstract. A few hundred years ago our greatest explorers and most daring seaman looked at the night sky to navigate on what they believed to be a plate. Today we follow the directions of a voice droning out of the car stereo, a machine informed by a set of satelites owned by the american army, to find our way through cities so bright that neither we nor any animals can spot a single star at night.

  • Den entferntesten Punkt im Raum, den wir beobachten können, ist rund 14 Milliarden Lichtjahre entfernt, die Entfernung, die das Licht im Stande war zu reisen, seit mit dem Urknall alles begann. Wir existieren also in einer Kugel von enormen Ausmaßen, außerhalb derer wir absolut nichts mehr wahrnehmen können. Diese Blase nennt sich unter Kosmologen 'Hubble-Volumen' oder im Volksmund schlicht Universum.

  • A garden, and by analogy, any place of acoustic delights. This may be a natural soundscape, or one created according to the methods of SOUNDSCAPE DESIGN. The soniferous garden may also include as one of its principal attractions a Temple of Silence for meditation.

Here is an example of the proposed micro/macro design: an image of space debris circling around the earth and an IP-logo (a graphic representation of an IP address we developed for the project) is superimposed on an image of the bucky.

  • MicroMacro?.jpg:

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