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BuckyMediaAbstractionNow concept/realisation notes and discussion

the basic concept: the piece is a continuation of the VeniceFrankfurtTorino series combined with the interesting spatial experiences made at BuckyMediaTrustus and the gullibloon project.

see also BuckyMediaSystem

List of ingridients for the setup in vienna:

  • bucky ball 5m diameter, aluminium rods, 90kg
    • as a skeleton or
    • covered in sticky film, milky film, polarisation filters or a combination of those
    • 1 3D-gravitational sensor on the ball transmitting via wireless lan (cerfboard in box with sensors, batteries, charger, wireless receiver -> foam)
  • 4 channel soundsystem in the room (2 HK system -> bilderwerfer)
  • theatrical light system (bilderwerfer) max-controlled by lanbox (foam)
  • a gullibloon system for monitoring the silverserver backbone network across vienna

physical setup of the room

the bucky ball is completely free to move/turn/roll around in the space. the gravitational sensor is attached to it to measure its orientation/the current base triangle (ie. 80-sided buckymouseball).

additionally there is a gullibloon setup in the room that translates network activities in the silverserver backbone network across vienna into renderings of sound and light.

both sensory inputs are combined, analysed and redestributed to the media system and controll:

  • the light atmosphere in the space and
  • the 4 channel sound

the bucky is a symbol of a star or a planet or our circularly expanding universe, something extraordinary large, but also a of a crystal ball or a microscopical lens, looking at the infinetly small. By moving it around in the space it is possible to change the focus/zoom/flow of data in the media system and navigate through different scales of the compostional system and simultaneously change the atmospheric, visual quality of the local space.

how many spaces/scales/natures can be composed into 1 room?

  1. actual physical space
  2. network space
  3. acoustic space
  4. interaction space
  5. light space


  • i would love to give people the possibility to access the space within the bucky and not close it of completely, creating an inside and outside situation for interaction.

audio projection
ideally we would have a radio-fed multichannel speaker setup within the ball with speakers evenly distributed, but i dont know how feasable it is to use recharble batteries to provide power. and i dont want any wiring on the bucky. therefore it might be ok to reduce it to a circular surround setup in the room around for the first version at this exhibition.

video projection
there will be no video projections on the bucky as it is moving freely in the space and also because next to good light equipment beamers look really bad.

light projection
to begin with we would like to stress atmospheric qualities by changing the theatrical light in the room, but for the future light/display technologies should be interwoven with the geodesic structure/design, like LEDs or ELwire, etc.

comments (to be integrated /destroyed at will. . ..)

i like the idea of a self contained, movable ball, which can be rolled thru the room(s) its installed in. maybe lots of padding, dangling bits of technology taped to the structure to 'reinforce' it. mics, webcams, computers, projectors, etc all mounted ON the ball. this may require a generator, or umbilical cord to connect the ball to enuf power (240V). ball/space as hybrid could also be nice, but the essental part would involve being able to move the ball relatively freely (rather than from a fixed point) giveing ppl the posibility of being able to damage it, but also to play with it, manipulate it , etc+ suspende from teh ceiling by a heavy spring?+

SmeetVanHoek 's comments:

i think surfstations in the installation are too disconnected from the universe-concept. when the bucky is a lookout station it is perfectly ok to take data streams from somewhere else. the bucky should be a very finetuned tool to select & scroll between all the stuff that is there (should be a lot, then). i also opt for stationary speakers outside the bucky. the audio application could closely correspond to the bucky movements, for the experience of "imediacy".

excluded from the setup:

  • 1 beamer to do what? (bilderwerfer)
    • possible additions:
      • a wireless radio transmitting videocam (has caused bad interference with an airport while working in graz on PPP!)
      • flexible mirrors to point the lights on, reflecting in the space
      • the duchamp/bicycle with polarisation filters (HardWare) between the spokes to make back projection possible
        • to project WaterVapour? satellite footage
        • or refined GoldenRatio patches
      • this foto plus the object shown on it lying in front from the first bucky test (kathrin maurer)

-- HiazHhzz - 08 Jun 2003
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