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research areas (at large):
  • development of a physically engaging and enclosing performance/presentation vehicle for use in distributed public places
    • and similar setups in various scales from handheld to room-sized to be used in combination within large public setups or domestic environments
  • research in body-theatre Grotowski(?) (-> ask Yosi!!) / a type of learning the is informed by how our body interacts with space and gravity and not on reasoning and intellect
  • applications of new audio and visual display technologies as well as digital sensors and sensor data computation to form the functional, skin-like surface originally proposed by BuckminsterFuller (-> see original text)
  • preparation of artisitic as well as scientific content to be communicated with this medium:

more tangents on the bucky surface waiting to be organized:

-- HiazHhzz - 19 Apr 2004
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