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is now being continued with Rachel Wingfield at Loop.pH

It would be truly spectacular if industry could accept the full potential of geodesic domes. I have not yet realized many of these ideas, other than a nice piece of mechanics that the visitors of the Expo dome in Montreal could see. (...) One could see window blinds that could articulate themselves through photosynthesis. (...) It is possible to organize the cells that make up a geodesic structure very much like the pores of our own skin. Some cells would be sensitive to light, some to sound and others to heat; and it would definitely be possible to construct a geodesic of very high frequency, in which all the pores are constructed with the same sized arcs. Some could be used to display information, some could facilitate and breath air, others let light pass through, so that the whole thing could articulate itself similarly to the skin of a human being. I really believe that eventually geodesics like this will be developed.

Richard Buckminster Fuller, Domebook 2 (1972)


buckymedia theory

In our space are several geodesic, tensile or synetic structures off various scales. They are at the same time an audio/video display space and a physical interface. By moving the structures the viewers can navigate through different interpretations of real and virtual spaces and time. Metaphorically speaking these spheres represents the globe, the net, and the circular communication of the web. As physical object it is a space within a space, it is an offer of a different type of architecture, one that is circular, expendable and infinite.

buckymedia practice


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