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This book by Bill Viola is the most interesting collection of ideas I've read in a long time.
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Monday, August 11, 2003

John Levy Archive (Scottish Studies)

The John Levy Archive is a primary ethnomusicological resource of international importance, and is held in the Sound Archive of the School of Scottish Studies. It consists of nearly 700 original field recordings of music from various parts of the world, several thousand photographs, and about 20 cine films. There is also Levy's personal collection of approximately 400 commercial LP discs (including some he produced himself), books, papers and miscellaneous artefacts, plus some copies of other fieldworkers' recordings. Levy's field recordings, which are generally of excellent quality, were made on a Nagra-S tape recorder between 1958-1972 in India (223 spools), Sri Lanka (55), Bhutan (48), Taiwan (101), China (81), South Korea (34), Iceland (35) and the UK (107). The scope of the recordings is wide, and features the religious musics of these Asian cultures (and related communities in Britain, including Sufi and Sephardic), as well as court musical traditions and indigenous folk musics. Further information can be found at

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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Now taking orders for FO A RM no. 1 (Utility)

  • $6 6 per copy (includes shipping)
  • $12 12 for a year subscription (two issues)
  • 52 pages, saddle-stitched
  • 8 1/2 x 9 1/2

***Your subscriptions and patronage are vitally important to our efforts in publishing and community events. Although we do not hold official status, we can guarantee we are a NON-profit operation! Please send this notice to others you think may be interested.

Checks may be made payable to Seth Nehil, sent to 122 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238.

FO A RM no. 1 includes new writing by sound-artist and researcher Giancarlo Toniutti, essays by composer Matthew Marble, works by noisician GX Jupitter-Larsen and sound-artist Seth Nehil. In addition, an original ode by prolific master Robert Kelly, instructional poems by mARK oWEns, and investigational works by Alicia Cohen, Holley Blackwell, Ashley Edwards, Theodore Holdt and Morgan Currie. Also included are a collection of essays by Shanghai high-school students on their newly-learned vocabulary word, utility and a series of fanciful engineering drawings from The World Where Everything is Alive by 9-year-old Raymond Kennedy.

Announcing the publication of FO A RM no. 1, a new magazine dedicated to resonances among diverse mediums. Our first issue presents writings surrounding the subject of utility from a range of approaches including anthropology, experimental poetry, sound theory, and cultural reportage as well as several cross-genre works. As a catalyst in building community, FO A RM seeks to cross thresholds between specializations, mediums and people, to provoke dynamic dialogue. Rather than define our topic, we pursue the radical intersections that occur in an ever-developing landscape. FO A RM actively encounters a place where theory and practice find common ground a junction between the extravagant and the pedestrian.

Thank you for your interest.

~ Bethany, Joseph & Seth co-editors

= FO A RM Magazine

Spring 2003 "Utility" Accepting submissions now for "Disembodiment" ...........................................................


  • Seth Nehil : tracing the skins of clouds [ kaon ]
  • Iancu Dumitrescu : Medium III [ ed mn 1001 ]
  • Art of Primitive Sound : Musical Instruments from Prehistory The Paleolithic [ hic sunt leones ]
  • Giancarlo Toniutti with Siegmar Fricke : KO/USK- [ pans'ur pans ] -- absolutely essential IMHO
  • Keiji Haino : "C'est parfait" endoctrine tu tombes la tete la premiere [ turtles' dream ]
  • v/a : Das dreidimensionale Mobiusband [ flying swimming ]
  • Achim Wollscheid : 60 x X [ ritornell ]
  • various bits from Die Toedliche Doris

posted by Ben Green , 10:01 PM

-- HiazHhzz - 05 Jul 2003
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