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another gullibloon installation is taking place at the "off" icmc in barcelona off icmc

there is a gullibloon installation at garage 2005 festival in stralsund (.de). opening on july 22nd. -> garage-g

we talked and performed 20050617 at sonar05 (sonarama) in barcelona: sonarama.

we were playing 20050415 at LOVEBYTES FESTIVAL sheffield:

(20041106-20041108) we were in norway at piksel04
recordings (divx video and mp3): RecOrdeRings.

(20041021 - 20041024) playing at kunsthaus graz: GulliMedienturmMusikprotokoll

s simple multiuser audio/video app: Xdv:PhopCropProtoOne


GulliBloon is based on a message centric communication framework for advanced pseudo-realtime sonic and visual content generation. It is built on top of Dxowiki:OpenSoundControl and consists of a collection of computer programs. The exact configuration of a GulliBloonNode may vary strongly among different sites.

At the heart of it all there's a server keeping track of all the messages that are available, who is supposed to receive which of these messages and a couple of other things. Meet GsrV2. This piece on its own can be used to easily share data among any kinds of OSC-capable peers. For a list of which languages and environments support it check Pdwiki:OpenSoundControl. Additionally GsrV2 supports connections to flash-apps.

The other part of GulliBloon is a modular application built on top of the aforementioned framework. The objective is to collect a lot of data from the net and elsewhere and broadcast it onto the multiplexer to every interested client's avail. Implemented "sensors" are network traffic analyzers (raw packets and a dynamic hostmap tracking hosts, connections, distance from point of interception, connection thruput and possibly OS detection), logfile events, system status, midi and some other utilies like JoySend for integrating gaming hardware.

For the "sonic and viusual" part, a bunch of finely tuned PureData and SuperCollider audio generators and some OpenGL-based visualizers exist. these translate all this beautiful and meticulously collected streams and arrangements of numbers into signals suited for eyes and ears. Even flash apps were developed at some time in the past.

Here is a simple GulliDiagram (read: coloured picture) of how all this is connected. This is old, btw.

this is the main repository for GulliBloon related data, links, texts and documentation. GulliBloon is part of and supported by


  • GsrV2 | the hub. osc distribution server | download
  • OscSniff | collection of snifflets incl. tcpdump and weather | download
  • gsniff | new_and_improved edition of tcpdump based sniffer
  • gconvert | message transformation utility

download / cvs

get some snapshots here, see links above in the modules listing.

or get the latest devel version from the XdvCVS, probably the better method.


some additional software that can or has to be used in conjuction with GulliBloon software.



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