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supercollider is a realtime sound synthesis package by james mccartney. it evolved from a classic macos application (supercollider 1 and 2 and the unfinished and strangely numbered version 3.5b).

classic macos seemed to be a dead end, so sc3.5b was dumped then and Version 3 was born as a native OSX application, source code was released to the public as well, covered by the GPL.

supercollider 3 is in fact two applications: a highly optimized sound generating application (the server) and a language (including gui classes under osx) application (dubbed "sclang"). under linux, there is no gui, but sclang is usable with the help of an emacs mode (also by stefan).

the server and sclang communicate using the osc protocol. although it is possible to send messages to the server directly, its more convenient and more common to have sclang act as a gateway in between.

there is much more info here:

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