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OSC and ruby

rubyspatzi is at

more stuff on the ruby side. check out module 'rubystuff' from XdvCVS. look at osc.rb, its a rather complete osc format encoder.

gctrl is a ruby-gtk-based gui server for osc environments. you can create all kinds of widgets via osc messages, and all widgets send their values on activation. when its finished. initial partner for this is the linux port of SuperCollider, but appearantly stefan kersten is already close to finishing a fltk-based complete sc gui system.

included in the rubystuff package come these scripts:


a small osc sender thingy. coul dbe more evolved



  • interesting files in /proc on a linux system.
  • read syslog

sends out data via osc. see man 5 proc for details on what the data means.


parse snort alert file

-- Main.andi - 24 Mar 2004
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