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Gullibloon is about sonification and visualization of network activities. Things happening on the internet (or parts of it) are being scanned, processed and tranformed into sound and images in real time.

Data is being collected on different layers of network communication, from low level administrative information of single netrwork packets up to transscripts of chat systems, weather data available on the net, web access statistics and other freely available information.

The result of the transformation into multi media data is also being fed back into the system as audio and video/flash streaming sources available to the public. Access to these streams does affect the system as well, creating a feedback loop including the viewer. (feedback)

If gullibloon is shown in an installation context, the available hardware is extended from a standard pc with a web browser to surround systems and multi channel video projections. Data available on the local venue is integrated into the data scanning process. A suitable set of sensors (WLAN/Bluetooth access points, cameras, thermometers, microphones etc) is installed on location.

Gullibloon Software

At the heart of gullibloon is a set of software units (programs). For concrete projects, these units are interconnected using a multi media centric network communications protocol (Open Sound Control). All software units exchange data using this protocol. This makes it possible to distribute the workload among several computers. Gullibloon can evolve into real computer clusters for complex setups. On this note Gullibloon is quite scalable, depending on the complexity needs of each possible setup.

All pieces of Gullibloon software are available for free and are licensed under the GPL.


Oswald Berthold

Wernfried Lackner

Andreas Pieper


Sonic Light Festival, Amsterdam (NL) 2003

Gangklang Performance 2003 NBI - Berlin (D)

Localtask 2003 Graz (A)

tats=3D94chliche-Chaos 2003 Chicago (USA)

NetArtCommunityCongress? 2002 and 2003 gullibloon radio night 2004 Berlin (D)


General Layout

the following is a layout for a multimedia installation that functions as an interdimensional translation engine, described in text and graphic, enumeration of technical equipment and rough fiscal breakdown.

Physical and Virtual Fabric

the installation will be set up in a neutral space, a room, possibly white cube with monochromatic static lighting. a 4 or 6 channel sound system will be installed in the room to form a circle along with additional undirectional bass speakers. this sound-system and a set of video projectors will be connected to an array of computers. this entire system will be hooked up to the internet and will start a conversation with servers in europe. on top of it a variety of programs will be run which comprise the software package of gullibloon and have the task of aquiring data, analyze it, transform it and rewrite onto the available output media. as an input to this the following sources can and will be used: room-camera, bluetooth activity, wlan activity, network traffic, artificial systems, weather conditions and stockquotes.

the following graphic illustrates the projected setup.


Equipment List

  • 7 pc computers
  • RME multichannel audio device and A/D interface (Multiface)
  • WLAN Access Point
  • USB bluetooth device for server
  • a set of different mobile phones, bluetooth and java enabled.
  • 6 professional active monitor speakers
  • 1 sub woofer sppeakers
  • 4 VGA enabled video projectors (1024x768 minimum resolution, 3000 lumen)
  • 4 Geforce graphic adapters
  • USB camera
  • network infrastructure (cables, 16 port switch)
  • broadband internet uplink (1 Mbit minimum)
  • 4 stage lamps and different color films.
  • rigging material, ropes, chains.

Production Cost

this is a rough breakdown of estimated production costs

rental or aquisition of the material above ~10000 EUR
technical personnel for setup and support 2 ppl 7-10 days
accomodation 7-10 days hotel or appartment near venue
catering / per diem 3 persons 7-10 days
travel cost 3 flights berlin - peking
artist fee 7000 EUR

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