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Gullibloon Flash Utilities

and the Gulizer award goes to ....

the flash base client, a gullibloon system info utility

you can:

1) get a list of available messages with according parameters and typetags, 2) send messages and subscribe to and unsubscribe from messages 3) check how many udp - osc / plaintext - tcp clients are connected


connect, sendOSC , recieveOSC Methods (documented in the source fla)

connection status

1) view the current network connection status

roll over the hosts to get related info (see OscSrv for message spec.)



text visualizer for "karaoke" midi files, played with playmidi, this is an experiment for synching a pd stream which is also connected to and driven by playmidi using a realtime text to speech generator to the karaoke text sent to flash (working, but needs massive improvement)

"TEMPTATOR" time sharing tool

sends the message "/tempoupdate" on sliderchange wich syncronizes all connected temptators (try it with 2 open tempators on one machine, or ... with one on 2)

and there is a mini pd-patch that subscribes to "/tempoupdate" and sends metro bangs according to the /tempoupdate value

the meter in TEMPTATOR is bpm wich is converted into ms so that pd can send bpm bangs

"MODOON" message sharing tool

modoon allows you to easily share osc messages via a flash control panel. you can create sliders within your preferred value range and give them the message name you want to share. You can also delete created faders. simply subscribe to the change message with your dsp application and you are ready to use it. every open modoon is notified about the value changes you do in the panel. also if you open up a new modoon and there are already one or more running, your modoon gets a list of already shared messages and created sliders with their current values, that lets you join a running session. the idea is the same as in temptator, so -> (try it with 2 to n open modoons on one machine, or ... with one on 2 to n)

message format: you can give your sliders any name you want, the changes are submitted this form: /mod/change + your messagename here eg. "/mod/change/bli" (don't forget to put the "/" in front of you message!), so if you want to subscribe to the value changes in your dsp app, you have to send "/sub port /mod/change + your messagename here" to gsrv2 on port 5151, subscribed, ready, super.



  • host structure visualiser
  • communication with serverside data (hosts, ip, hops, etc....) via FloSc
  • visualisation StrucTure


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