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TWiki's Eastopia web http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia The Eastopia web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2018 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [admin@web.fm] TWiki Administrator [admin@web.fm] TWiki TWiki.Eastopia Eastopia.Eastopia http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia http://rla.web.fm/twiki/pub/TWiki/eastopia.jpg WebStatistics http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/WebStatistics?t=2008-01-11T03:41Z Statistics for Eastopia Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: Jan 2008 2609 0 ... (last changed by TWikiGuest) 2008-01-11T03:41Z guest 1.246 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/WebStatistics http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/WebStatistics ObiOba http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/ObiOba?t=2006-05-30T16:39Z O-bi, O-ba Koniec cywilizacji (O-Bi, O-Ba The End of Civilization) directed by Piotr Szulkin Poland 1985, 88 min, color imdb link (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T16:39Z gl03 1.1 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/ObiOba http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/ObiOba WojnaSwiatów http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/WojnaSwiatów?t=2006-05-30T16:34Z Wojna swiatów nastepne stulecie (The War of the World: Next Century) directed by Piotr Szulkin Poland 1981, 96 min, color imdb link (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T16:34Z gl03 1.1 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/WojnaSwiatów http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/WojnaSwiatów PiotrSzulkin http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/PiotrSzulkin?t=2006-05-30T16:30Z Piotr Szulkin ( 1950) polish director. O-bi, O-ba Koniec cywilizacji aka O-Bi, O-Ba The End of Civilization (1985) Wojna swiatów nastepne stulecie aka The War ... (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T16:30Z gl03 1.1 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/PiotrSzulkin http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/PiotrSzulkin Golem http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/Golem?t=2006-05-30T16:29Z Golem directed by Piotr Szulkin Poland 1980, 92 min. imdb link (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T16:29Z gl03 1.1 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/Golem http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/Golem ManfromtheFirstCentury http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/ManfromtheFirstCentury?t=2006-05-30T16:21Z Muz z prvnķho stoletķ (The Man from the First Century) directed by Oldrich Lipsky CSSR 1961, 93 Min, 35 mm, b/w imdb link (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T16:21Z gl03 1.1 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/ManfromtheFirstCentury http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/ManfromtheFirstCentury OldrichLipsky http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/OldrichLipsky?t=2006-05-30T16:19Z Oldrich Lipskż (1924-1986) influential czech director. Muz z prvnķho stoletķ aka The Man from the First Century wikipedia (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T16:19Z gl03 1.1 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/OldrichLipsky http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/OldrichLipsky UnsortedLinks http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/UnsortedLinks?t=2006-05-30T16:10Z unsorted (links): astronautix Weltraumschiff 1 startet imdb Prishestvie (1981) imdb Treta sled slantzeto (1972) imdb Shooting Angels (w/ rupert everett) imdb Aatomik ... (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T16:10Z gl03 1.3 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/UnsortedLinks http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/UnsortedLinks IkarieXB1 http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/IkarieXB1?t=2006-05-30T16:10Z Ikarie XB 1 (Voyage to the End of the Universe) directed by Jindrich Polįk Czechoslovakia 1963, b/w, (original in color?), 81 min (US, 107 min original?) A giant ... (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T16:10Z gl03 1.2 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/IkarieXB1 http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/IkarieXB1 MechteNavstrechu http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/MechteNavstrechu?t=2006-05-30T15:49Z Mechte Navstrechu directed by Mikhail Karzhukov, Otar Koberidze USSR 1963, 68 min. In this sci-fi film, the Centurians become fascinated with an Earth song they have ... (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T15:49Z gl03 1.3 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/MechteNavstrechu http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/MechteNavstrechu Akvanavty http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/Akvanavty?t=2006-05-30T15:37Z Akvanavty (Die Aquanauten) directed by Igor Voznesensky USSR 1979, color, 80 min Solaris inspired plot at the bottom of the ocean. Sergej Pavlov. Akvanavty the script ... (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T15:37Z gl03 1.2 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/Akvanavty http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/Akvanavty YakovProtazanov http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/YakovProtazanov?t=2006-05-30T15:32Z Yakov Protazanov (1881-1945) Soviet filmmaker Yakov Protazanov was best known for his lavish historical epics and for adapting literature to the screen. A native ... (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T15:32Z gl03 1.2 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/YakovProtazanov http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/YakovProtazanov WebHome http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/WebHome?t=2006-05-30T15:28Z Collecting information on eastern european Science Fiction films and filmmakers. To contribute register here. Directors: Pavel Klushantsev Aleksandr Sokurov Aleksei ... (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T15:28Z gl03 1.18 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/WebHome http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/WebHome Possession http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/Possession?t=2006-05-30T15:28Z Possession directed by Andrzej Zulawski France/Germany 1981, color, 127 min. (uncut!) With Isabelle Adjani, Sam Neill English A young woman left her family for an ... (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T15:28Z gl03 1.2 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/Possession http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/Possession NaSrebrnymGlobie http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/NaSrebrnymGlobie?t=2006-05-30T15:26Z Na srebrnym globie (The Silver Globe) directed by Andrzej Zulawski Poland 1987, 166 min A small group of cosmic explorers, including a woman, leaves Earth to find ... (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T15:26Z gl03 1.2 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/NaSrebrnymGlobie http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/NaSrebrnymGlobie Solyaris http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/view/Eastopia/Solyaris?t=2006-05-30T15:23Z Solyaris Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky USSR 1972, b/w, / color, 165 min Adaption of Solaris by Stanislav Lem notcoming.com review imdb link (last changed by gl03) 2006-05-30T15:23Z gl03 1.4 updated major http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/Solyaris http://rla.web.fm/twiki/bin/rdiff/Eastopia/Solyaris

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